God Loves Sex & Money


Death is A Gift


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I AM: You Power This Life

The power of I AM, the true essence of who we are, is God. As spiritual beings having a human experience, we possess within us all that we require to empower our daily life with perfect love, abundance,joy and wholeness...

Death is a Gift

We fear death because we don't know it. Perhaps, it is a blessed state, free from the illusion of mortality, where the dead rejoice in sublime reunion with the Divine source who created them...

God Loves Sex & Money

It is no secret that we as human beings have a love/hate relationship with sex and money. At the same time our understanding of God is limited and so we attach many of our human shortcomings onto God, making God judgmental, uncaring and harsh...

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Why do I still feel guilty after I have apologized to my cousin for hurting her feelings a year ago?

What sets human beings apart from lesser animals is our moral conscience. It is that faculty within us which tells us immediately when we are doing right and when we are doing wrong. Thank God for this gift of knowing how to be our best selves, even if we don't always live up to the ideal. What you have done is more than something that hurt your cousin, you have acted against your own better judgement. You probably knew that what you were doing was not kind, but you did it anyway... 


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My sister-in-law has become withdrawn and hardly speaks to anyone. Is there cause for worry?

There is certainly cause for active concern. Your sister-in-law is likely suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and may be in need of psychiatric help. In situations where a person is faced with extreme violence, brutality and/or disaster, the tendency is to go into fight or flight mode. Without proper care and attention after the terrifying experience, affected persons will become stuck in this hyper-vigilant state and be unable to find release...


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My 16 year old son has decided to drop out of school and pursue a career in music?

Children must learn and grow. Eexperiencing life lessons helps to develop character and intellect. Parent's, however, need to be fully present and positively instructive so that their children can mature under the best possible circumstances, with optimal guidance and direction. Your son is too young to make such a life-altering decision on his own, yet old enough to be held accountable for his actions and plans. What this means is that you and your husband, as parents, are required to let...